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RE: mpf -i [ Reply ]
By: Rémi Gribonval on 2008-02-19 07:39
Hi Clothilde and Sandrine,

It seems that the unix shell tries to interpret the brackets in the expression [1:2] and does not succeed. If you quote them as in:
... --index="[1:2]" ...
mpf -i should work fine.



mpf -i [ Reply ]
By: Clothilde Melot on 2008-02-18 15:58
Dear Remi

Thank you very much for your help.
Some remarks first:

1.We (Sandrine and I) could run the functions book_read.m and book_write.m from the src/matlab/scripts directory

2.then mpf -i [index] doesn't seem to work in a terminal since it is not recognized

The error message was the following one

/usr/local/MPTK-0.5.4/bin/mpf --index=[1:2] tempbook.bin tempyes.bin tempno.bin
/usr/local/MPTK-0.5.4/bin/mpf: No match.

but mpf -t is working ! (both in terminal and in matlab).

4.using mpview the axes are not normalized, which doesn't help for the lecture of the plots. we prefered to use bookplot in Matlab.

Thank you very much once again
with best regards