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RE: Gammatone dictionary [ Reply ]
By: Matthew Aidekman on 2018-12-11 12:03
Also what is the format of the window options for gamma? There seems to be no documentation. I get a cannot convert parameter window option in double. when I put two doubles in.

RE: Gammatone dictionary [ Reply ]
By: David Browne on 2018-12-11 06:09
Depends on how you would like the blocks to work, but you can make gammatone blocks based on the gabor block by replacing the gaussian window with a gamma window. The atoms of a gammatone block created in this way will be spaced uniformly (linearly) in frequency and have fixed bandwidth, but you could create multiple such blocks to obtain more accurate gammatone behaviour. MP with these blocks will be fast, and the dictionary will be complete assuming appropriate window and translation choices.

You can use the anywave block to perform MP with arbitrary atoms, but it is significantly slower.

RE: Gammatone dictionary [ Reply ]
By: Matthew Aidekman on 2018-11-24 03:00
Any solutions here? I would very much like to create a custom dictionary that includes both gammatones and other waveforms.

Gammatone dictionary [ Reply ]
By: bharathi surisetti on 2016-01-26 23:48
How to create gammatone dictionary in MPTK?