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MPTK Source on Visual Studio [ Reply ]
By: Krish Bala on 2015-06-18 16:10

Cmake_Screenshot.jpg (134) downloads

I am trying to load the source files on visual studio so that I can play with the criterion function in the update() method. I am following the instructions provided in the "MPTK source installation with Win32.pdf" to load the source files. I had created the binaries using "CMake 3.2.2" and using the source files "MPTK-Source-0.6.1.tar.gz" (I also tried "MPTK-Source-0.7.0.tar.gz") and "visual studio 14 2015 Win64" as the C++ compiler. I am able to compile and generate the binaries (as seen in "Cmake_screenshot.jpg"). My first question is with regards to the binaries generated. When I look at the "mptk/matlab" folder within the binary's root directory, I only see some of the matlab functions. For example, the "dict*" functions and "book*" functions are available, but the "mpdecomp" and the "mprecons" functions are not available. I want to confirm that I am loading the source as binaries correctly through CMake.

My other question is with regards to the Visual Studio build of the "MPTK.sln". After creating the binaries, I tried to build the "ALL_BUILD" project within the "MPTK.sln". This however generates errors with the "pthread.h" and the "mp_types.h". I know the "pthread.h" had to be defined in CMake, for which the path was correctly set. The error that "pthread.h" displays is "'timespec': 'struct' type redefenition" on line 307 of "pthread.h". The error on "mp_types.h" states as "'unit64_t': redefinition; different basic types" and points to line 57 of "mp_types.h". I am a little unclear on what these errors are and I am hoping for some help from someone who has loaded the binaries before or the developers. I unfortunately cannot add another screenshot for this, but I will soon after this message.

Thanks and Regards,