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RE: Heisenberg box [ Reply ]
By: Nicolas Ayroles on 2014-11-25 19:47
Hi Bob,

Thank you for the very quick reply. Your answer helped me a lot. By the way I just realized bookplot is already plotting the Heisenberg boxes.

Thanks again

RE: Heisenberg box [ Reply ]
By: Bob Sturm on 2014-11-25 18:00
Hello Nicolas. Have a look at the code linked here: http://media.aau.dk/null_space_pursuits/2013/03/from-mptk-books-to-wivigrams.html

Heisenberg box [ Reply ]
By: Nicolas Ayroles on 2014-11-25 17:36

I have decomposed a sound signal with the mpdecom function in Matlab. Now I'd like to plot the Heisenberg boxes for each atom in the time-frequency domain. Thus I need for each atom:
-its time location (I guess it's the atom(x).params.pos variable)
-its time resolution (I guess it's the atom(x).params.len variable and its unit is in samples?)
-its frequency resolution (this I have no idea where I can find it)

So please could you tell me where I can get the frequency resolution from?

p.s: I've seen these two threads mentionning support>I but I didn't get what it refers to

Thanks a lot