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Help on mpdecomp [ Reply ]
By: Krish Bala on 2014-07-30 18:58

I was going through the source files that are uploaded (in particular MPTK-Source-0.7.0.tar) and I was a little confused with the mpdecomp.cpp file. Bear in mind that I am a beginner in C++ while reading my post. The mpdecomp.cpp defines a MP_Mpd_Core_c object, with its memory location pointed by the variable mpdcore. I am unclear on how the number of iterations is set on line 147 (mpdCore->set_iter_condition( numIter );). I have looked over the mpd_core.cpp file, which contains the definition for the MP_Mpd_Core_c class, but I do not see the definition for the set_iter_condition function. Similarly, I do not see the run function for this class, eventhough it is used in line 165 (mpdCore->run();) of the mpdecomp.cpp. I was wondering if someone can possibly help me understand this.