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mpr segfault on simple anywave example [ Reply ]
By: Dan Stowell on 2013-03-14 16:27

expo_test.zip (16) downloads
Hi all,

With the attached files, using the latest dev version of MPTK, I get a crash (segfault) when running:

mpd -D dic_anywave_expo_frag.xml --nIter=1 expo_orig.wav expo_book.xml expo_residual.wav
mpr expo_book.xml expo_recons.wav

Can someone corroborate this please? It may be something about my setup, or it may be a general issue. However, note that I ONLY get the crash with the anywavehilbert commented out, as it is in the attached. If you un-comment the second item in the dict, then run mpd-then-mpr as above,

The issue might be that "anywave" is directly causing a segfault, and when I uncomment the "anywavehilbert", that's the one that is chosen and no crash happens. Or it may be something weirder. This only happens with the dict I made, not with the supplied example, so it may be an issue with the file format, but it all looks correct as far as I can tell...