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Applying for another signal. start form GettingStarted.m ?? [ Reply ]
By: Humbang P on 2013-01-23 09:17
Dear all

I am interested in MPTK and already installed on my OS windows XP
I executed GettingStarted.m and it worked.

I looked in GettingStarted.m file, there are commands of sigread,dictread,mpdecomp,bookover,and mprecons to analyze the signals : glockenspiel.wav and mix_58_stereo.wav

Now, I am going to apply another sinusoid signal into GettingStarted.m but which one step will I take as a starting point ? Which one command will I edit ?

Can anybody help me how can I make a complete process of signal analysis using MPTK from mpdecomp --> bookwrite ---> bookread --> mpf --> mprecons ---> until I can display the time-frequency plot without using GettingStarted.m ?

Thank you

Humbang P