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Re: scale parameter of an atom [ Reply ]
By: suresh kumar on 2012-09-26 06:54
Hii.. I need frequency and scale parameter of an atom. When I am decomposing the signal I have been getting book contains frequency and chirp like parameters but no where I am seeing scale parameter in the book.. Can any one please tell how to find the scale parameter.
And I have a query that.. while finding the atoms we need to specify the dictionary of different specifications like FFT size and window size and window shift..here what is the length of window in terms of time(time duration of window) and is that length is exactly equal to time duration of atom what I am trying to ask is if my signal length is of 1s and and let say length of atom is 20ms in this case I would get 50 atoms representing 1s signal at each iteration but here I am not getting the same...how to do this stuff using this toolkit...please help me...