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tableIdx in anywave block (matlab interface) [ Reply ]
By: Stefan Kersten on 2012-02-09 14:19

i have a question about the atom.params.tableIdx field in the matlab book structure: i want to use a dictionary with two (or more) anywave blocks in order to be able to use different filter lengths and hop sizes.

when i load a decomposition from a dictionary with two anywave blocks into matlab,

unique(book.atom.params(1).tableIdx) yields 5 and
unique(book.atom.params(2).tableIdx) yields 4.

how can i map these indices back to the wavetable files specified in the dictionary?

i just noticed that i can distinguish both tables by looking at the len field, but only if the wavetables have different length filters.

fwiw, in the example above and according to the filter length, the index 4 seems to be associated with the first anywave block in the dictionary, and 5 with the second. are the tableIdx values guaranteed to be sorted according to the appearance of the blocks in the dictionary?

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks,