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RE: Reconstruction pblm [ Reply ]
By: Rémi Gribonval on 2011-05-12 14:39
Dear Mathew,
-the command for reconstructing a signal from a book from matlab is mprecons, not mpr
-mpr is the command provided by Mat2MPTK, a set of Matlab utilities and wrappers for MPTK developed by Pierre Leveau. As far as I know Mat2MPTK is no longer maintained.
All the best,

Reconstruction pblm [ Reply ]
By: mathew mathew on 2011-05-12 14:20
I got a problem while doing matching pursuit in matlab. I have attached matlab code along with. There occurs a problem while using mpr command.

clear all;
close all;

[sig sampleRate] = sigread('glockenspiel.wav');
dict = dictread('C:\Program Files\MPTK\mptk\reference\dictionary\dic_mdct_two_scales.xml');
[book residual decay] = mpdecomp(sig,sampleRate,dict,100);
bookwrite(book,'E:\academics\audio coding_mod\exampleBook1.bin');
book=bookread('E:\academics\audio coding_mod\exampleBook1.bin');
[sig_rec, Fs] = mpr(book);

The error which i got is given below.
??? Undefined function or variable 'DefPropStruc'.

Error in ==> mpr_wrap at 68
PropStruc = Mat2MPTKUpdateOptions(PropStruc, DefPropStruc);

Error in ==> mpr at 26
mpr_wrap('tempbook.bin', 'temprec.wav', varargin{:});

Error in ==> example at 15
[sig_rec, Fs] = mpr(book);

Window length I used was 256 and 2048. Done making use of MDCT Bases. i have installed MPTK Binary file MPTK-binary-0.5.9-x86_64-Windows. I want to decompose the audio into 2 MDCT Bases of length 256 and 2048 and reconstruct the audio. I didn’t find ‘DefPropStruc’ in Mat2MPTKUpdateOptions.
I am an undergraduate engineering student. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.
Thanking You,