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RE: mpview [ Reply ]
By: Robert Reijntjes reyntjesr on 2011-03-15 12:39
Hi Ronan,

I downloaded CMake changed the file as you told me and compiled it with visual studio. But I now get an error running mpview. If you have a working version please send it to me. Thanks in advance.


RE: mpview [ Reply ]
By: Ronan Le Boulch on 2011-03-15 10:14
Hi Robert,

Here is the problem :
- The fmap "fwrite" function does not write the float format into the file *.flt the correct way. The float format needs to be a binary format and not a string format

Here is the solution :
- If you're using the source files, change the fopen writing mode into "wb" instead of "w" of the "dump_to_file" function of "tfmap.cpp" file and re-compile.
- If you downloaded the binary files ask me and i will send you a package (this will be a non-released package so...)

It will be corrected for the next release

RE: mpview [ Reply ]
By: Ronan Le Boulch on 2011-03-14 08:31
Hi Robert,

At first sight,
-The mpview executable (.cpp) is forced to create a 640*480 pixmap size
* UNLESS the option "--size" is used
- The mpview.m Matlab script file is forced to display a 640*480 pixmap size

Can you send me the book file and the procedure you used so i can make tests and answer to you ?



mpview [ Reply ]
By: Robert Reijntjes reyntjesr on 2011-03-11 10:07

I've created an MPTK book file. When I create a file with mpview from this file and try to read it in matlab, the number of elements isn't 640*480 but more.
Is there more information in mpview that isn't documented?

I'm using mptk 0.5.9 windows 32-bit version.