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RE: how to retrieve the atoms and the coefficient [ Reply ]
By: Ronan Le Boulch on 2011-02-14 14:49

We need more informations about the tasks you try to acomplish in order to help you.

What kind of dictionary do you use ?
This is important since depending on the dictionary, the atoms can have different types of fields.

Let us take an example. If your dictionary was made of Gabor "blocks" (see reference/dictionnary/dic_gabor_two_scales.xml), each atom will be a Gabor atom. By typing book.atom(x).param Matlab will display the following list of fields:

x is the index of atoms corresponding to the index structure under book.index

What do you mean by 'atoms values' and 'atoms coefficients' ?
Because, for a gabor atom, you won't have the same fields than for an anywave atom

There is also a function named "extract_atom_from_book" in the bookplot.m matlab script that would be useful to you.

how to retrieve the atoms and the coefficient [ Reply ]
By: Iswarya Sudhakar on 2011-02-14 06:40
I require the atoms values and the coefficient values for our project.
Can any one explain how i can retrieve the atoms and coefficients from the BOOK??