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RE: Details about the atom [ Reply ]
By: Ronan Le Boulch on 2011-02-10 08:27
Hi M Sudhakar,

The parameters of the output book in mpdecomp are :
- format (double)
- numAtoms (double)
- numChans (double)
- numSamples (double)
- sampleRate (double)
- index (matrix of double containing) :
* 1: Atom number
* 2: Type index
* 3: Atom index
* 4: Atom selected
* 4+chan: Atom pos of channel chan)
- atom (matrix structure containing) :
* Type: Index of the atom (string)
* Params (array of the 'atom' structure containing):
+ Field name
+ Corresponding value

Details about the atom [ Reply ]
By: Iswarya Sudhakar on 2011-02-10 06:09
In mpdecomp i get the book as one of the output.Iam not aware of the parameters of the book.will u please explain the parameter.....In that i found that one parameter is atom,I wanna know about it in detail....Will u pls help me with it??