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RE: plotting gabor atoms [ Reply ]
By: Rémi Gribonval on 2007-06-20 07:20
Dear Maria,

In the Windows package there is a directory extras/matlab with several utilities to plot books and atoms. Typically if the book you want to read is in the file mybook.bin you should type

book = bookread('mybook.bin');

to plot the whole book.

Now, I understand that you may want to plot only one atom at a time. There is currently no function to do that, but you could either hack the bookplot function by adding it an optional argument indicating which atom you want to plot, or make a copy of the book with only the atom you are interested in. You can access a particular atom as book.atom{n}, where n corresponds to the number of the iteration of Matching Pursuit where the atom was picked. So something like

book1 = book;
book1.atom = {book1.atom{n}};

should work.

I hope this helps you!

Best regards,


PS: Please notice that we are in the process or redefining the interface between Matlab and MPTK, so the Matlab format for books may slightly change in a future release.

plotting gabor atoms [ Reply ]
By: Maria Jafari on 2007-06-11 11:47
I have downloaded the Windows package of MPTK, and the LAM Matlab interface. I would like to plot the individual Gabor atoms, and maybe work with them individually. How can I do this?