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Cannot scan atom type [ Reply ]
By: bernhard niedermayer on 2010-02-04 12:46
I have compiled and installed the 0.5.6 Version of MPTK und Ubuntu Jaunty.

When i want to read a book-file (e.g. by mpview) I encounter errors like the following on for each atom:

mptk ERROR -- MP_Book_c::load(fid) - Cannot scan the atom type (in binary mode).
mptk ERROR -- MP_Book_c::load(fid) - Cannot read atoms of type 'q'
mptk ERROR -- MP_Book_c::load(fid) - Failed to create an atom of type[q].
mptk WARNING -- MP_Book_c::load(fid) - Failed to read an atom. This atom will be skipped.

I figured out that this can be related to an issue plattform dependence. However the problem is only reported on Windows environments and also claimed to be fixed.

I use Ubuntu and tried writing and reading the book-fils on ext3 as well as vfat.

Any ideas about what is going wrong here???
Thx a lot