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Atom correlations in init_parameters() [ Reply ]
By: Chris Srinivasa on 2009-05-21 18:55

I have a question about how the correlation of the gabor atoms is calculated in the function init_parameters() of gabor_block_plugin.cpp. First off, I noticed that spaces are allocated for reCorr, imCorr, sqCorr, and cstCorr using the function alloc_correl(). Then an fft is computed using fft->window as input. The result is then used in the function fill_correl() to store the correlation in reCorr,imCorr, sqCorr and cstCorr.

I am wondering though how these reults can represent the cross correlation matrix <g,g>. Moreover, how can the cross correlation of the atoms be obtained from an fft which takes in a single window (i.e. fft->window) as input. Shouldn't the fft take as input the waveforms of the gabor atoms with different center frequencies ?

Any help would be much appreciated.