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RE: InstallMat2MPTK's question [ Reply ]
By: RĂ©mi Gribonval on 2009-01-08 19:44
Dear Yi Zhan,

You may want to try adding a '\' at the end of the the string 'C:\Program Files\MPTK\bin\reference\dictionary'.

Note that we are not maintaining Mat2MPTK because a new Matlab interface is being developped with a native interface which should be more resilient to future evolutions of MPTK such as changes in input/output format.

We hope to be able to release it soon, together with new algorithms for quasi-OMP decompositions.

I hope this helps.



InstallMat2MPTK's question [ Reply ]
By: Yi Zhan on 2009-01-07 06:44
I am studying Mat2MPTK these days. I had installed MPTK and can run like command: mpd
in Cmake+mingw32-make successfully.

As intall prcoess in Mat2MPTK spec
'run InstallMat2MPTK within matlab, if needed change the default directories of the MPTK binaries and the dictionaries.'
--As my understanding, Mat2MPTK will use MPTK's bin/ & dictionaries (.xml format)

Enter MPTK Path ['/usr/local/bin/']: 'C:\Program Files\MPTK\bin' <<= MPTK/bin's location
Enter Dictionaries Path ['C:Program FilesMATLABR2007awork09_MP_studymat2mptk0.4.1alpha3Dict']: <<= tell .xml location
I input 'C:\Program Files\MPTK\bin\reference\dictionary'

However, error report is reported:
??? Error: A MATLAB string constant is not terminated properly.
Error in ==> Mat2MPTKLoadSettings at 11
eval(strcat('DefPropStruc(1,1).', Variables{k}, '=', Values{k},';'));
Error in ==> GenerDict at 47
Error in ==> InstallMat2MPTK at 39

Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks.