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RE: mpd -dictFILE.txt question? [ Reply ]
By: Boris Mailhe on 2008-12-24 12:42

1: the dictionary is a text file, but not necessarily with the .txt extension. In the reference directory, the right files are the .xml ones. You can also have a look at their syntax to build your own dictionary. Playing with the scales (changing them or adding new ones) to fit your signal's proeprties can help a lot. Just try to only use powers of 2 fro FFT speed reasons.

2: the manual you mentionned above features the help page of every command, including a detailed list of the parameters. This help page can also be displayed in the terminal by calling

mpd --help

for example. It might not be as clear as we thought, though. Are there specific parts of this help that you don't understand, or do you find something missing?

The complete developper documentation can also be built from the source code, but this should be of little interest to you.

mpd -dictFILE.txt question? [ Reply ]
By: Yi Zhan on 2008-12-24 08:21
Dear friends,

After installing Cmake+MinGW, in C:\Program Files\MPTK\bin, there are mpd.exe, mpf.exe, etc.

Basing on `The MPTK User Manual and Developer's Notes`, now, 'mpd' command's usage has some problem:

mpd -D dictFILE.txt -n N decompositedSound.wav bookFile.bin

Where is the 'dictFILE.txt'(or xxx.txt, dictionary name) located?

I had checked the /bin/reference/dictionary/(dic_anywave.xml,dic_garbor_two_scale.xml,dic-list.txt).

And I used 'dic-list.txt' to take a try, but failed.

2: where has detail information of command's(mpd, mpr, etc) parameters besides the manul mentioned above? Or simple exact example?

I want to take a simple signal to be decomposed.
Hope to get your help.