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Install questions(Win32), dir/ of fftw,etc. [ Reply ]
By: Yi Zhan on 2008-12-13 02:40
Dear MP study/research friends,

Thank the MPTK research team provided this good platform for us to learn and communicate.

I am a beginner of MP study.

When I install MPTK based on "How to build MPTK with CMake" for Window XP(win32),
I felt a little bit comfused about this manul.

1: what is the dir/ structure relation of MPTK and libsndfile/fftw/pthreads-w32.
from 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 of the manul, I can not see their relationship very clearly.

2: as c:/foo/extras/windows/lib & /include, extras/windows/lib & /include should be built up mannully?
or Cmake can product them automatically?

3: based on the mannul, libsndfile/fftw/pthreads-w32 these 3 parts should all be downloaded(besides from http://mptk.gforge.inria.fr)?
if yes, where to put the downloaded/unzipped files?

In conclusion, the manul doesn't clearly tell the dir/ structure of MPTK and libsndfile/fftw/pthreads-w32.

Hope to get your help, it is a little bit urgent.