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RE: reading book files [ Reply ]
By: Benjamin Roy on 2008-07-16 08:40

To set MPTK environment variable MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME with the path of path.xml file (the one you use with -C option), you can use the manage environment variables provided in the System Properties dialog box. Open Control Panel-Performance and Maintenance-System (or right-click on My Computer and choose "Properties"). In the box that opens, click the "Advanced" tab to obtain the dialog box shown below. Next, click the button "Environment Variables" and use the box for adding a new user variable that you set with MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME and the path to xml file.

This is strange cause it works with mpd but not mpr and the management of the -C option is the same for all the executables, sorry for the inconvenience.

reading book files [ Reply ]
By: Courtenay Cotton on 2008-07-15 19:30

I'm having a problem using mpr and mpf. The decomposition works fine, but mpr/mpf can't read the resulting binary book file ("The loaded book has an erroneous file format.") I'm using the windows release (0.5.5). Has anyone else encountered this issue?

It may be related to not being able to set the MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME correctly. The -C and -config-file flags don't seem to work correctly with mpr/mpf they way they do with mpd, and I'm not sure how else to set that variable.